It Takes Courage to Speak Out About Sexual Harassment

Harassers abuse the positions of power they occupy, such as supervisor, or professor. Most of us are too afraid of the consequences to speak out. Those who do may be ostracized, disbelieved and face retaliation. But if we do not find the courage to speak out about civil rights violations, they continue.

Professor Chandler had been the subject of sexual harassment, racial harassment and retaliation complaints at Edinboro University since the mid-1990s. Although the university received these complaints it did not stop Professor Chandler from sexually harassing students. Some students who made complaints faced waits of years for a response and then were told that unless they testified in a formal hearing there was nothing the university could do. By then they had graduated and just wanted to forget their nightmare, so nothing changed,

Cameron Aulner is no ordinary young man.

Cameron Aulner was one of the students whom Chandler had sexually harassed. Like other victims, the University ignored his complaints. Cameron fought back. As Joe Mandak reported for the AP, he obtained civil rights counsel from the Friedman & Houlding LLP which filed a lawsuit against Edinboro University and Professor Chandler.

Without people like Cameron Aulner who find the courage to fight we would have no civil rights. By standing up to a powerful adversary Cameron has made things better for all Edinboro University students. Read the Complaint.

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