Seeking Information Concerning Rob Rosene of Encompass Health

Nine women have filed charges with the EEOC alleging sexual harassment and/or sexual assault, as well as retaliation after reporting the harassment. Rob Rosene, Regional Human Resources, played a prominent role for Encompass in investigating this matter, which was covered by FOX21 in this expose. We are interested in speaking to former or current Encompass employees who have brought employment matters to his attention, or in which he played a role, to learn whether you were satisfied with his handling of your complaint. If you have information you wish to share you may fill out the information form to the right. Or you may call 212-308-4338, text us at (719) 212-9735 or email We are conducting this outreach to obtain evidence concerning Rosene, which might be admissible in a legal proceeding. If you would like to help these women collect useful evidence for their case, please tell us what you know.  Your communications with our firm will remain confidential and will not be shared without your written consent. Thank you, Friedman & Houlding LLP.

(Please note: if you are currently a supervisor at Encompass we cannot communicate with you due to ethical rules.)

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